Project UPF - Strategic plan 2016-2025
Client Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Pla estrat├Ęgic - Editorial 1

With the aim of putting across the strategic lines which are going to be worked on in coming years, to get internal readers involved as well as appealing to external readers; the concept was to make the simple internal document a thing of greater value, creating a high-quality publication with a rich and visual content, which will convey the image of the UPF as the renowned university which it is, forceful in its research, digital and with a strong historical bond with the city of Barcelona. This is the reason for the art direction in the photography of its emblematic buildings and pupils in action, the weight of the paper, the finishes, the diagrams... to succeed in giving the project great value.

Communication is rounded off with the creation of a microsite and the emailing to communicate this.

Design and art direction by Clase Bcn.

Photography: Salva López