Project Naming + Corporate Identity for FirmaFGM
Client FirmaFGM

Grupo FGM Abogados y Asesores Fiscales came to us with a pressing need: they wanted a name that would be easy to remember. This mission set a comprehensive strategic design process in motion, starting with one of our canvas tools, the Strategy Tree.One of our first goals was to come up with a new name that kept the initials of the company’s founder, Fernando Gómez Martín, but also reflected the world of craftsmanship and the idea of the personal touch that the Strategy Tree had revealed. After we’d checked there wasn’t any existing law firm with the name “Firma…” we leapt at the opportunity to seize it for ourselves.The serious, type-based language was meticulously designed down to every last detail to create an elegant, contemporary company image that blends two of its distinguishing features: its many years’ experience and its cutting-edge approach.Every use of this powerful type-inspired identity exudes the firm’s excellence and attention to detail. And, as far as we know, no one has had any trouble remembering their name.